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Carolina Wilcke is a Dutch product designer of furniture, tableware, lighting & accessories.
Founded in 2009 by Carolina Wilcke the studio’s signature aesthetic was born with the release of her very first installation: the 3 dimensional still life ‘Tafelgenoten‘ which combines several materials and crafts. This photograph of a still-life, existing of the tableware that is part of the installation, refers to seventeenth century painters, who showed their versatility by painting diverse textures in still-lifes. Moreover, the installation as a whole is a reflection of this important period in the Dutch art history, as Wilcke shows her craftsmanship in the execution of each of the objects.
Carolina Wilcke’s interest for all things creative is life-long. Before her initial training as a goldsmith, she wanted to be a sculptor and quotes Brâncuși as one of her influences. An encounter with a goldsmith led her to this new path. However, when completing this study, she was looking for more. “I learnt a craft, to find out I actually wanted to design things”. Carolina attended the world-famous Design Academy Eindhoven, in order to acquire the tools that could help her channel her abundant imagination.
She received a degree in design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009. At that time directed by the famous trend forecaster, curator, publisher and educator Lidewij Edelkoort. Carolina graduated specializing in interior products that are on the edge of art and design. During the institution’s graduation show in 2009 Irving and Miriam van Dijk, the gallerists from Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design, immediately noticed the intriguing combination between the celebration of art history and her refined re-interpretation and appropriation of it. Just one year later, in 2010, Priveekollektie was already internationally showcasing her pieces ‘4D Cabinet’ and ‘Tafelgenoten’ during Design Miami/ Basel.

Carolina set her name in the international design world. 

Since then her work has been exhibited at Design Miami/ Basel, PAD fairs, Art Geneve, 21_21 design sight Tokyo, Oranien baum Royal palace, Londen Design Festival, Textile museum, Beijing Design Week and PAN Amsterdam among others.

The young artist and designer’s high-level work is exactly what collectors and design brands search when scouting for cutting-edge and collectible design.

Her endless aesthetic research is what definitely classifies Carolina’s creations into collectible design. Her background as a goldsmith is visual in the refinement of her work, which is tactile, sensitive and romantic. Through her pieces, she leaves an identifiable signature.

Wilcke was co-founder of De Intuïtiefabriek in 2010. Together with Amba Molly, Eefiene Bolhuisand Eva Gevaert they layed ground for the vision of De Intuïtiefabriek. Carolina left the collective in early 2013 and continued her solo career.

Her life as a solo artist now leaves more time for collaborations and independent work, especially with designer and partner Reinier Bosch. Reinier and Carolina share love, life and design. In their studio they work on their own gallery pieces and products for design brands. They often travel together to Istanbul, China or Czech republic, to work with craftsmen on new pieces. This love for life is one of the main forces driving her artistic expression: Carolina practices the ‘art of living’ to the fullest.