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Limited designs

“As a three-dimensional painting it gives the space atmosphere and warmth.”
Carolina Wilcke (1980 Leiden, The Netherlands) is fascinated by the interface between function and decoration. Art is functional, it can make you happy, or serve as a decor for a room. On the other hand, appliances and utensils can also be used as art. In Tafelgenoten, a series of tableware, these two qualities come together and compliment each other. ”The context or situation in which they are placed gives them meaning. Everyone can think of something else to do with these products, they stimulate the fantasy.”
Carolina Wilcke, esthete and artisan, works in an intuitive way and with different materials, crafts and techniques. She designs everything from jewelry to tableware and furniture. Products are for her not only functional objects, but they are also objects between which we live, they are our companions. “They should have an own identity and make us feel at home”.

2010 Award-Winning: Tafelgenoten by Carolina Wilcke 2010 CHIC Design Price, Paris France

All pieces are available trough Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

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