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Intrigued by the strong visual language of native African artifacts, procured by Western explorers, and now contained in every large museum collection or art gallery, the project ‘Ancestors’ emerged.

What does it mean for objects to travel? How can we trace the origins of taste and place?
As explorers of today we travel all over the world, whether it’s in different countries, museums or on the Internet. From the images we collect in our brain, cocktails of cultures, eras and applications come out.

The project Ancestors is an investigation on the transformation of an archetype form. What is the visual affect of cross-country transportation and ‘visual Colonialism’ – we investigate through our own Dutch origins.

Africa, as the basis of human existence and therefore origin of objects, is the inspiration for the archetype shape of this project – The shield.
Thus, by projecting these visual ‘cocktails’ on the shields, using contemporary materials, techniques and imagery, we create the shields of today.

In this first series, the additional feature of light is added, making the shields a part of the interior.

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