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Chateau de la Resle

We’re proud to announce the launch of several products, designed and developed especially for the new design label ‘Chateau de la Resle’.

Inspired on the idiom and colors of ‘Tafelgenoten’, we designed a porcelain bottle and a drinking glass in historical green glass. The glass is developed and handblown in the Czech Republic with its long tradition of blowing glass. Inspired by an ancient technique where steel molds are used for creating optical patterns in glass, we created new possibilities in this old technique by using a new technique of 3D printing metal.

Next to these also a table cloth with napkins, designed together with Reinier Bosch, is part of this first collection. ‘The Blue hour’ tablecloths are woven in “Les Vosges” the most important textile region in France, using the Jacquard method. Our manufacturer is recognized for its long lasting unique know how and obtained the “living heritage” label.”

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